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Chicago Bagpiper: Bagpipes for funerals

Bagpipes, Chicago, Bagpiper, Irish, Scotish bagpipe MusicPaul S. Palmer, Bagpiper
Bagpipe Music, Irish, Scottish
 Chicago, Illinois

     A Professional Bagpiper with over 25 years of experience, will deliver your message of condolence, congratulations or surprise anywhere in the Chicago-land area starting at $200. When only the best will do for your special day or your cherished loved one.

      I specialize in funerals, wakes and memorial services. Irish, Scottish music. Available Monday thru Saturday for your funeral needs. See Funerals

COVIS-19 means I don't stand close to anybody. Not much different than what I normally do!

     Please call if you have any questions about my services. I'm glad to answer any questions you have about using a bagpiper. I'll explain all your options, what is a good use of the bagpipe and what is not. You can afford to hire the best.

Paul S. Palmer, Irish Bagpiper, Chicago bagpipesThe famous Mr. Palmer, NBC Morning News, March 17
The first bagpiper playing on St. Patrick's Day, 5:30 am

When only the skirl of the Pipes will do! A unique gift idea.

     Questions? Call Paul S. Palmer, Bagpiper, at 312-749-3940
     You can also request information via email at: But, I'm a little slow on that email thing.

The fastest way to hire or confirm a date is to Call:
 Paul S. Palmer, Bagpiper, at 312-749-3940